What Is Industrial Cleaning?

The term industrial cleaning encompasses all those tasks that relate to cleaning large facilities such as factories, storage areas, warehouses, or similar spaces. The term is broader than commercial cleaning.  Maintaining industrial facilities implies using different equipment than for office or home cleaning. 

Warehouses, storages, and especially factories usually have a certain number of machines or special equipment that need to be cleaned, handled, and stored properly. What’s more, industrial cleaning can sometimes entail working with hazardous materials and special equipment that needs to be handled in a certain manner. The cleaning staff is specifically trained and prepped for these kinds of working conditions. If your next question is “where can I find a good facility cleaning services near me,” read on to get a bit more informed on exactly what you should be looking for.

What do industrial cleaners do?What do industrial cleaners do

Industrial cleaning working conditions are different than regular office maintaining. Apart from commercial cleaning services that encompass dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting the offices, storage and warehouse cleaning is a much bigger task. The industrial cleaners have to be well trained and prepared for maintaining different equipment. The staff should be aware that their health can be at stake if they don’t adhere to the safety precautions.

Factory cleaning can involve dealing with chemicals, or using special cleaning blends to dispose of hazardous materials, so cleaning staff needs to be trained to manage the materials that are being maintained. 

Apart from completing the training, industrial cleaners should also be in good health, great at communicating with others and working in a team. Additionally, industrial workers should be reliable, responsible and know that safety measures (such as wearing a helmet in a construction site, for example) must be followed.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial cleaning?

What is the difference between industrial and commercial cleaning

Both commercial and industrial cleaning involves cleaning working facilities and offices. However, industrial cleaning is larger scale and entails working in more strict conditions and maintaining special amenities, such as factory equipment or dealing with chemicals and other materials. Also, the cleaning processes in certain plants vary based on the temperature, so it’s important to know that you cannot handle certain chemicals in the cold the same way you would do it during summer.

Industrial cleaning encompasses a wider group of tasks than commercial cleaning. It also requires more training and adhering to special procedures. For example, maintaining and sanitizing food or beverage processing factories requires a certain knowledge of processes that go down in the plant. 

Additionally, cleaning out the construction sites or large warehouses also involves following safety procedures, wearing special equipment such as helmets and reinforced gloves, and knowing how to properly dispose of different materials.  

Industrial cleaning services have more flexible working hours, as cleaning arrangements must be set in such a way as not to interrupt and mess with the working process of the factory or a warehouse.

Where can I find a reputable facility cleaning service near me?

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