5 Facility Cleaning Tips for the Summer

The summer months are a beautiful time of year, but the heat can be overwhelming. Heatwaves and high humidity levels can create an unsafe environment for people to work in. Therefore, it’s important to have your facility cleaned during this time of year to make sure that it stays safe for everyone working inside

In previous articles, we discussed the ins and outs of industrial cleaning and listed some key reasons to hire a facility cleaning company in San Diego. Now we will help you take your industrial cleaning to the next level by going over 5 tips on how you can protect yourself from the heat and keep your facilities clean this summer. Read on to learn more. 

How do you maintain a facility in the summer?

Summertime industrial facility upkeep includes all the same basic tasks (dusting, floor care, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, etc.) that are done during other times of the year. However, it presents a few unique challenges for your janitorial cleaning team.

Here are five time-tested facility cleaning tips for the summer:

1. Mind the outside temperatures

In summer, the high temperatures and humidity make the upkeep of industrial facilities difficult. The best way to keep your space clean during this time is by taking advantage of the cooler times in between early mornings or late evenings when it’s not so hot outside. Colder temperatures also mean less sweat on equipment and surfaces, as well as reduced risk of mold growth. 

2. Thoroughly ventilate your workplace

Run high-powered fans throughout your facility, especially in hallways, so that hot air can escape from rooms. This will help keep things cool and comfortable during sweltering summer days and make work easier for your hygiene specialists.

3. Different approach to floor care

Mopping and vacuuming are both great ways to keep your facility clean, but they can be a hassle in the summer months when you’re trying to beat that heat. If possible, use an industrial floor scrubber or pressure washer to keep your floors clean and debris-free at all times.

4. Don’t forget the windows

How often you tackle your windows will depend on the size and type of your facility, and whether it regularly receives important visitors (clients, partners, etc.). On average, a facility’s windows should be cleaned once every 2-3 months or on an as-needed basis. 

Keep in mind that factory windows should never be cleaned with ammonia or other types of toxic cleaners as these can release fumes into the building and cause respiratory problems. Instead, make sure that the professional team uses the right products to preserve the health of your workers.

5. Hire professional help

If you don’t already have an in-house janitorial team, the only way to ensure your industrial facility receives the thorough cleaning it needs is by outsourcing this task to a reputable cleaning company that specializes in providing commercial and janitorial cleaning services. 

Where in San Diego can I book a detailed industrial cleaning?

As the owner or manager of an industrial facility, your time is too important to be spent mopping floors and scrubbing toilets. If hiring an in-house janitorial team isn’t a financially viable option for you, the best way to ensure your premises are perpetually clean is by hiring the professionals to do it for you.

That’s where California Office Cleaning comes in. As San Diego’s premier provider of facility cleaning services, we are uniquely positioned to keep your office or industrial facility sparkling clean all year long. 

Contact us and book your cleaning today. Our technicians will happily take care of your facility’s needs while you focus on the success of your business or spend a relaxing afternoon at Gaslamp Quarter with your loved ones.