4 Ways to Encourage Employees to Keep the Office Clean

Have you ever had that moment where you walk into the office and just cringe at the sight of paper scattered across your floor? Or maybe you’ve seen desks so cluttered with paper, pens, and post-its that it is hard to find something as small as a stapler. If this sounds like your office, don’t fret! You can work on encouraging your employees to keep the office clean.

Many businesses rely on a professional commercial cleaning service in Downtown San Diego to clean and maintain their property. However, there are things that every owner of a business can do to encourage employees to keep the workplace clean.


How can you motivate your employees to clean up after themselves?

There are many benefits to encouraging a clean working environment. Employees who care about keeping their workspace clean will take pride in their job and hopefully take more pride in what they do while at work. A clean environment often leads to a more creative and upbeat working environment as well. In addition, cleanliness keeps those who have allergies from being exposed to them. There are also a number of methods that can be used to encourage employees to keep their space clean.

1. Have a talk

If you notice that an employee is consistently leaving the common area messy, try sitting them down for a meeting to discuss it with them. Be respectful about the issue and don’t accuse them of slacking or not cleaning up after themselves on purpose. Instead, bring up how important cleanliness is in the office and let them know how it makes you feel when you come upon clutter instead of a clean workspace at work each day.  Let your employee know that this is a work environment and it is expected to be kept clean. Don’t forget to mention how keeping the office clean reflects on your company as a whole, too!

2. Offer rewards

Open communication is important when encouraging employees to keep the business clean. If you feel like an employee isn’t fully understanding your message, try rewarding those who keep their space tidy with extra paid time off or a free lunch. A simple thank-you card may go a long way in letting someone know that they are appreciated.

3. Clean as you go

A simple trick to encourage your employees to keep up on cleaning is to have them always think about cleaning as they go about their workday.

If you ever notice a desk clutter with papers, don’t hesitate to send a reminder email urging workers to take a few minutes at a time throughout the day to put everything away before going home at night. They’ll be more inclined to pick up while working if there’s no task for it at the end of the day when motivation has dwindled.

4. Make it fun

Everyone wants to enjoy their job. If you make it fun, they’ll be more willing to participate in keeping the workplace clean. Give your employees a break from their work every now and then by hosting an event that’s completely unrelated to work, but still encourages cleanliness. Maybe once a month you can take everyone out for ice cream or host a party where the snacks are healthy ones like veggies instead of potato chips. This will keep morale high and create an environment where people want to do well rather than one where they focus on what they don’t have time for during the day.


Who offers the best commercial cleaning service in Downtown San Diego?

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