6 Expert Tips for Cleaning Office Bathrooms

How do I keep my office bathroom cleanHave you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere was perfect, the food delicious, the staff more than welcoming, but then you went to the restroom and saw that it was messy and dirty? Almost immediately, the whole impression of your night out probably went down. If someone were to ask you to rate that restaurant out of 5 stars, our guess is you probably wouldn’t give them the top rating, as the total experience was not up to par.

That same approach can be applied to all commercial restrooms. The cleanliness of the office bathroom shows how much a company cares about the total quality, and not just the main image and what can be seen “on the front-end”.

Professional  San Diego providers of office cleaning services offer restroom cleaning in their standard cleaning checklist. If you were wondering what the proper method for upkeep toilets is, keep reading, as we’ll let you in on how the pros do it.

How often should office bathrooms be cleaned?

Regular toilet maintenance is important for a couple of reasons, the main one being the health and sanitation of the people who are using it. Apart from that, frequent cleaning can reduce the clogging of toilets and drain pipes. Not only is fixing those issues costly, but it also slows down other areas of work, as bathrooms will be out of service until the problem is solved. Last but not least, the overall impression of a clean bathroom is highly significant for leaving the customers satisfied, and for improving employees’ satisfaction with the workplace.

With all this in mind, you should clean office bathrooms on a daily basis, preferably at the end of the working day. If you haven’t done it in a while, It’s good to get the restroom deep-cleaned first, and then just set up the regular upkeep to keep it sanitized and tidy.

How do I keep my office bathroom clean?

There are a few steps you can follow to get the most out of bathroom cleaning. The pros of the cleaning industry recommend creating a checklist, as it improves efficiency.

1. Preparation and safety

The key step is to get equipped with the right tools and supplies. After you make sure you have all the disinfectants, cloths, scrubbers, and mops in place, start by putting the rubber gloves on. Also, make sure there’s no one in the bathroom when the cleaning begins and put the “wet floor” sign in front of the bathroom. Safety first!

2. Clean toilets & sinks

First of all, flush all the urinals and toilets to make sure they’re functioning. If any of the toilets fail, report the problem to the building supervisor.

Next, remove any debris from urinals with gloves. After that pour or spray disinfectant on the toilets and in urinals and let them stay there for the required dwelling time. You should move on to other tasks while you wait for the disinfectant to sit.

The same process is applied to the sinks. First, remove the dirt by hand and cloth, then let the sanitizer dwell, and later come back to scrub and clean thoroughly.

3. Clean mirrors, doorknobs and replenish supplies

While you wait for the disinfectant to work, you can perform other cleaning tasks. Sanitize and wipe high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets, and soap dispensers.

Proceed to clean the bathroom mirrors, as the mirrors are a great indicator of how regularly the bathroom is cleaned. Move on to restock supplies such as toilet papers, wipes and fill up the soap dispensers.

4. Scrub the toilets and sinks

Once the disinfectant has done its job dwelling and destroying the germs, proceed to scrub the toilets, urinals, and sinks, leaving them spotless. Make sure you rinse the disinfectant off the surfaces that can come into touch with skin, to prevent potential injuries to people who will use the bathroom and touch those surfaces.

5. Collect the trash

Collect all the trash bags and put them outside the bathroom, so you can take them out when you leave. Don’t forget to put new trash bags in the bins.

How often should office bathrooms be cleaned

6. Mop the floors

As all cleaning is usually done top to bottom, the bathroom is no exception. The final step of the restroom cleaning process is leaving the floors spotless. Vacuum or pick up by hand all the rubbish and debris left on the floor, such as excess toilet paper. After that, dilute the floor disinfectant according to the recommendation on the bottle, dip the mop in it, and start cleaning the floors in a sweeping motion from left to right.

How can I book San Diego office cleaning services?

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