5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Industrial Cleaning Company

We all know that running a business is hard work. With so many different tasks and responsibilities to take care of, it’s difficult for you to keep up with the cleaning duties in your industrial facility. 

Hiring a professional industrial cleaning service is one way that you can get back some of your time while making sure that your facility is tidy and safe for employees and visitors alike. Unfortunately, finding the company that’s right for your facility is not as easy as typing “industrial cleaning near me in San Diego” into a search engine and just picking the first company that shows up.  

We have previously explained what industrial cleaning is and listed some of the biggest advantages provided by industrial cleaning companies. Now we will show you how to choose a reliable service provider, what questions to ask before booking the service, and which traits to look for in a commercial cleaning company. Keep reading to learn more.

What should you ask an industrial cleaning company?

Before you make a call and set an appointment, you need to determine the current condition of your facility, what you would like it to look like after maintenance, and how frequently this should happen. Once you have that data, make sure the company can accomplish these goals with their process. Next, let’s say they are able to meet all your requirements. You still need to ask them a few more questions:

1. How long have you been in business? 

Although not a definite predictor of quality, it may be useful to ask how experienced the cleaning company is. If they are newly founded or do not have much experience in this field, you should either look for another provider or try to find out what their training and supervision process looks like before enlisting them.

2. What are your rates? 

While this question may seem obvious, it is important to ask about the different types of service plans that a company offers. Some companies offer only flat rate services while others charge by tasks performed or time spent at the business premises.

3. How many employees do you have on staff? 

Since industrial cleaning requires people with specific training and certification, you should ask about the number of employees that a company has. Some companies may only have two or three people on staff which may affect their responsiveness and speed, especially if the task demands more multitasking. 

4. What is your equipment like? 

Modern hygiene technologies can make facility upkeep much more efficient than past methods. However, not all companies are willing to invest in new equipment and supplies. Find out what kind of technology and products your team uses. You can also check whether their approach entails some environmentally friendly supplies and equipment.

5. Are your team members insured? 

Cleaning businesses require various kinds of insurance be it general liability, workman’s compensation or employer’s liability policy. If a company you are considering doesn’t have insurance, then they may be cutting corners and avoiding legal expenses. This is a red flag you should keep in mind, so that you stick only to licenced and insured providers.

How do you choose facility cleaners?

There are many factors to consider, but one of the most important is reliability. That means you’re looking for service providers that have been doing this work long enough to establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy in your eyes. Other factors include the range of work and whether the company renders services that suit your needs.

You can browse through testimonials on company websites or ask for references from satisfied clients; perhaps even call to arrange an inspection visit so you can see exactly what they will do. This is a great opportunity for any professional company to get referrals and win over new customers in San Diego. If they pass your test, it’s time to sign the dotted line.

Where can I book a comprehensive industrial cleaning near me in San Diego?

If your company budget doesn’t allow for a full in-house janitorial service, hiring a crew of seasoned professionals to carry out this task in recurring sessions is a sound idea. Don’t bother with overloading your daily schedule with maintenance tasks, when you can easily enjoy some quality family time at the San Diego Zoo and recharge your batteries.

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