4 Tips for A Germ-Free Office

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that health is really invaluable. With that in mind, staying safe and practicing healthy habits has become part of everyday life. Social distancing and wearing a mask are said to be the best practices for fighting COVID, but unfortunately, we cannot adhere to those practices 100% of the time, especially not in the office. This is why regular cleaning and office maintenance should be on top of any manager’s agenda.

Taking preemptive measures, like booking professional office cleaning services in San Diego, to increase the level of cleanliness in the workplace is a good start. Apart from that, you can follow a few tips to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria around the office.

How do I make my office germ-free?

The most effective way for keeping the office clean and germ-free is to follow the old saying: prevention is better than cure. Focus on taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria spreading around the office.

1. Stock up with cleaning supplies

This is the fundamental step towards a germ-free office. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies are a must in any workplace, so it’s important not to run out of:

2. Encourage employees to wash their hands regularly

Keeping an office healthy is not a one person’s job, it’s a collective effort from all employees. Managers should explain the importance of following safety measures. Encourage employees to wash their hands on a regular basis by posting reminders around the office. It’s also a good idea to invest in some pleasant-smelling soap and disinfecting fluid that will motivate the staff to wash their hands more often. Additionally, make sure that hand sanitizing stations are easily accessible to everyone. 

3. Wipe high-touch surfaces a few times a day

Some viruses and bacteria can last even up to 7 days on some surfaces. This makes doorknobs and appliances used by all employees, such as copy machines, and microwaves, germs’ headquarters. If you outsourced the cleaning tasks to the professionals, make sure to add regular cleaning and disinfecting of such surfaces to their agenda. Professionals will most likely go over those areas once or twice a day, so don’t hesitate to remind the employees to regularly clean those areas, too. Feel free to set an example for them by disinfecting the doorknobs yourself.

Desks are another great spot for germs to spread. Some studies show that there are over 400 times more microbes on a desk than on a toilet seat. This disturbing fact just goes to prove the importance of wiping down the mouse, keyboard, and other gadgets often throughout the day. 

4. Motivate employees to stay at home when feeling sick

It’s estimated that one person that’s coming down with flu can infect 50% of the rest of the staff. It’s in everyone’s interest that the person feeling under the weather stays at home. First of all, they won’t cough and sneeze and spread disease, as the saying goes. Next, productivity is also lower during illness. Sometimes it’s better to stay in bed one day and let the body rest. However, if there are deadlines to be met, then encourage your employees to work from home until they feel completely recovered.

How can I hire quality office cleaning services in San Diego?

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