4 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

How do I hire a good commercial cleaning serviceHaving a well-organized office does not only mean having a well-trained staff. The physical cleanliness of a working space can also reflect the level of professionalism your business represents. Because of this, keeping the premises clean and well-maintained is one of the tasks that should be on any manager’s agenda.

One of the most convenient ways for keeping your San Diego office tidy and sanitized is to delegate the cleaning to professionals. Simply outsource the task to a company that offers commercial cleaning services, and free up your schedule. Read on, as we will provide you with a couple of tips on how to find the best company to meet your cleaning needs.

How do I hire a good commercial cleaning service?

Hiring a company to perform regular upkeep of your office is a serious and responsible task. These tips aim to help you narrow down your search and speed up the selection process.

1. Assess your needs

The first thing you should do before even starting your search is to assess your needs. Make a thorough checklist of what you need done around the office and make sure to include the frequency of the tasks. For example, you might want to have your office vacuumed every third day, but you would want trash thrown out every day.

Try to be as specific as possible when compiling the list of cleaning tasks. You can also add special tasks you want done every couple of months, such as deep cleaning the carpets and other office furniture. This part is important as it will help you narrow down the number of potential companies, since not all of them will be able to meet your specific needs.

2. Does the cleaning company have flexible working hours?

This is a very important question you want to pose to your potential cleaning service. Check if they can work after your most busy shift, since you want to avoid having the whole cleaning crew sanitize your office during your working hours. Additionally, ask whether they are flexible with changing the schedule and their usual lead time if you think you may need an emergency clean-up.

3. Perform a background check

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Once you have narrowed down your search to companies that can meet your cleaning needs, it’s time to assess each based on its reliability. Look for a company that has a detailed screening process for its staff. Give the advantage to those cleaning companies that have an extensive training program if you want to get the same standard of cleanliness every time.

Additionally, you should perform your own check up on the company by reading their reviews and testimonials. You want to make sure you are hiring a reliable and reputable company, so be sure to ask for references from their current or past clients. Their clients are the ones that can tell you if the company is worth your time and money.

4. Make sure that the company is insured

This is a standard business requirement, and all respectable companies have some sort of insurance. You don’t want to be stuck dealing with paperwork and medical costs in case one of their employees gets hurt on the job, so ensure you are hiring a properly insured and bonded company.

What is the best commercial cleaning company in San Diego?

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